Fix Society exists to take on any tech considerations that exist — freeing you to focus on what matters most for your business!

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Our Services & Solutions

Running a successful business today requires making use of modern technology in order to keep up and to save money. When everything from basic phone lines to advanced cloud-enabled web apps seems to take years of education, managing even the simplest tech can be exhausting.

Web Design

Web Development & Design

Our team has been crafting websites since 2001. We take pride in each and every page we build.

We can help you realize your website goals for a fraction of the average industry time and cost. Our work ensures that all of the key industry conventions are met, including: fast load times, optimized mobile viewing, secure shopping carts.


Tech Consulting

Tech Consulting

Technology today can be confusing. Fix Society understands how much energy goes into keeping even a small business going in today’s technological world.

We can easily field day-to-day questions by email or text. Let us help you streamline your business. Run your inspirations by us — see how much easier life and business can be with expert use of technology behind it.

We aim to Fix Society one business at a time. Contact us about a problem facing your business.

Tech Support

IT Support

Fix Society started as a group of IT professionals with over a decade of experience each in overseeing large companies’ employees.

We can provide full IT services including CRM training, email server and campaign management, domain administration, systems integration projects, and so on. With all of this, we can shape your end-users’ experience into something wonderful and satisfying for everyone involved.

Our users love us! Please feel free to contact us to be put in touch with referrences.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting

We’ve been building websites for ourselves and clients for over 15 years, and in that time, we’ve done business with many key players in the industry. Honestly, we’re a bit partial toward the following default web hosting configuration:

Amazon Web Servicesfor fully-customizable cloud-based web server instances. AWS is among the cheapest hosting options supported by what we feel is the best technology for the price.

CloudFlare CDN for incredible site load times worldwide and greater accessibility for mobile visitors.

Systems Management

Systems Management

Fix Society can confidently set up a complete business IT infrastructure from the ground up. We can configure the system to allow a secure connection from one of our experienced technicians to empower you to receive expert assistance from a remote location.

We can be your offsite IT department, but you’ll never have to worry about having to deal with a foreign call center. If the situation was an emergency one of our technology professionals would meet you onsite your business to address the issue personally.

Call us today and find out how we can help make running your business easier!

Cloud Backups

Cloud Backups Services

You never know when an integral business system will fail you. It’s important to manage your risk factors to keep yourself prepared for the unexpected.

In addition to backup services, we smoothly handle database, email, and document migrations. We’ll do all of the work for you or respectfully coordinate everything with your in-house IT department.

Fix Society can move your company’s in-house servers to the cloud, ensuring reliablity and accessibility while also freeing up your IT department to focus on what matters most.

About Our

Web Development & Design

We can help design any kind of site you’re looking for at a competative price. If you only need a basic site, we can develop that for you quickly and easily. If you’re looking for something more professional, we have over 2 decades of experience to help you design the exact site you’ve always wanted.

About Our

Web Hosting

We offer a variety of web hosting options to help ensure you get the level of personal care you’re looking for. Our Basic plan offers everything you need to get your site going. With our Professional hosting plan you can let us take a personal touch with your site. We’ll ensure it’s always backed-up, and updated with the most recent security patches. We’ll even help you make changes to your site so you can preserve that professional look-and-feel.

Get 2 Months Free Hosting with a yearly commitment!