An updated Spotify interface with large album art.
Spotify via Android Police

Can we all agree that smartphone apps stretched out for tablets look terrible? Even on iPad, where Apple put in a lot of effort to improve the experience, “doubled-up” iPhone apps look awful. Android tablet and Chromebook users rejoice, Spotify is rolling out an update to move away from a stretched app to something meant your screen.

First spotted by Android Police, the latest Spotify update for Android tablets and Chromebook appears to be an identical copy of its iPad app. That makes sense; why mess with a good thing? The fact that it took ten months to get to a rollout point is the part that leaves us questioning.

Instead of a poorly put together stretched app, now you get bigger album art, easy access to Spotify Connect to pick your music speakers, and visible rewind and skip buttons. That last part may be the most significant change of all.

As Android Police notes, the app isn’t perfect. Some touch targets are still too small, but it’s a vast improvement over what you had before. The update seems to be rolling out to users, as we don’t see the new interface yet. But hopefully, everyone will get it soon.

via Android Police