Render of Oculus Rift S

Have a gaming PC but want a VR headset? Oculus has your back. The company is taking $100 off its high-end Rift S model, bringing the price down to $299. You can buy the headset directly on Oculus’ site, or at LenovoWalmart, and Amazon.

The headset includes two wireless Oculus Touch controllers, which run on AA batteries. Expect up to 12 hours before needing to swap them out. You’ll also get “3D Positional Sound” with the built-in headphones.

The biggest potential downside to the Oculus Rift S versus other models is that it’s wired, meaning you’ll be tethered to your PC. This also means you’ll need a pretty decent computer to get a great experience. Oculus has a list of recommended specs on its product page.

Unlike some of Oculus’ other headsets, the Rift S experience isn’t tied to the headset’s hardware. So, if you decide to upgrade your PC rig down the line, your Rift S experience will likely improve as well. Of course, if you already have high-end gear, buying better equipment probably won’t make a difference.

In terms of display, the headset comes in at a 1280×1440 resolution, with an 80 Hz refresh rate. While it’s not the sharpest display on the market, it’s one of the smoothest displays in Oculus’ lineup, topped only by the Oculus Quest 2. While the Quest 2 can connect to a PC using the new Link system, it has slightly higher latency than the Rift S, so if VR gaming with PC is your true goal, the Rift S is still the better pick.

At the time of writing, you don’t need a Facebook account to use the Rift S. But Oculus says that it may be required beginning in January of 2023. So keep that in mind. You’ll also want to keep in mind that Facebook discontinued the Rift S, so if you miss out on the sale, it’s possible you won’t find it in stock again.

If you’ve been wanting a VR headset, now’s a better time than ever to pick one up!

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